Since 1998, I have developed software applications for Fortune 500 companies, including AIG. I served as a senior programmer for the technology division of Performance Media Group (PMG), contributing to their success, including placement on the Inc. 5000. I was later promoted to director of development for PMG’s travel social network, where I built software for Conde Naste. At Barbella Digital, Inc., I designed and developed frameworks, code generators, and messaging systems. Currently, I work as a web application developer for the University of Virginia's School of Medicine.

After originally studying religion and philosophy in college, I later switched majors and received a Bachelor's of Science in General Psychology. I am currently pursuing a Master's degree in Applied Research.

I blog about technology at and the rest of science at Overmortal.

People who I feel the need to explicitly link to: Bill Ahern, James Curcio, Chris Arkenberg, Wes Unruh, Chris Joseph, Klint Finley, and Nicholas Pell.